ES Detectors

The ES Detect automatic detector is an non-addressable detector specifically designed for operation on conventional systems. The range not only includes intelligent algorithms for fire detection but also a wide range of different types of detectors. Our ES Detect conventional range offers high quality sensors and advanced detection. The ES Detect range is only approved to be installed with Xenex Control Panels or with Vigilon via interface unit.

Honeywell Gent ES detect Range of detection technologies are embedded with advanced microprocessor controlled detection. It has self monitoring for contamination, to maintain optimum sensitivity throughout whole life and compatible with diode base to monitor detector removal.

Fixed heat detector 800171:

Automatic heat detector with fast semiconductor sensor to guarantee reliable detection of fires with strong heat generation, 800171 fixed heat detector has best price in Pakistan.

Fixed heat detector class B 800177:

For increased operating temperature according to EN 54-5 class B. 800177 fixed heat detector has best price in Pakistan.

Rate-of-rise heat detector 800271:

Automatic heat detector with fast semiconductor sensor to guarantee reliable detection of fires with rapidly rising temperatures and integrated fixed temperature function for the detection of fires with slowly rising temperatures, Rate of rise heat detector 800271 has best price in Pakistan.

Optical smoke detector 800371:

Honeywell Gent optical smoke detector to guarantee safe and early detection of fire, optical smoke detector 800371 has best price in Pakistan. 

Standard detector base 805590:

The Base is for use with compatible ES detects range of conventional fire detectors, which can be used on zone circuits of compatible conventional fire panels, mains powered interfaces and LV interface.

Premium selection in fire safety

We at GIS Fire and security offer Honeywell Gent premium fire detection products and professional building fire alarm solution. We are committed to provide absolute quality and optimum design in securing building from fire. We as a Honeywell distributor in Pakistan are chosen according to our professional ability to deliver our client highest level of best total fire detection and safety solution.

We at GIS fire and security are committed to offer you best Honeywell Gent sensor prices that can optimized your cost and meet your fire detection need accurately. Lets share your requirement with us and get the best prices and technical advice in selection of detectors.

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